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Well after the afterglow of becoming a published author had faded I was nominated for an eZ Award for my first article published earlier this year and today my next article has been published on ez.no! This latest (second) article has been titled “How to Use eZ Publish Extensions: Google Analytics“. It is quite an exciting year.

eZ publish13 Jan 2007 08:41 pm

I’m a published author! This month eZ systems published my article on “Installing an eZ publish payment gateway“.

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Simply, sshfs

Offtopic&Uncategorized13 Oct 2006 08:07 pm

Squirrelmail that is … with the non-free package Nutsmail (theme + webmail extended functionality and polished design)

It looks very nice, if only a free software solution existed of the same caliber.

Coffee Notes&Development&Uncategorized13 Oct 2006 07:41 am

I found a little shortcut to view past month’s detailed stats view within awstats.

Simply append the following url paramiters into your awstats url ‘?year=2006&month=09’.


I’m supprized another user of awstats has not promoted these keywords yet in google! I’m even further suprized there is not already an addon component or patch which adds a javascript forward / back navigation links to use these urls hooks to provide clickable functionality (which could only assume the stats would exist) as a hack but a functional hack.

Right back to why has awstats reporting views have stagnated while other non-free packages sway users with higher quality / relavance in report views …

Awstats url sucess!

Coffee Notes&News10 Aug 2006 09:07 pm

I noticed today that the free software community members have spoken clearly over say the last 6 months, purely as an example of a much longer arc.Their answer to the world has been, we support GNU, the FSF, including the GPLv3.

For example taking an item from the news and events around the world, if the leaders, maintainers, developers, distributors, Linus do not consult the members of their own community (Linux,kernel.org) on the licensing, securing, protecting, engaging of the contributors ( http://gplv3.fsf.org/ has for GNU and Free Software) then what will become of developers who value and protect their freedom? I suspect they will look for other existing efforts to achieve their goals without forsaking their freedom.

I know the GNU System is no one operating system, server, application, software package, component, kernel, ad nauseam. All pieces are replaceable, interchangeable and reusable, but not always redistributable ;D

We learned this from the story of the GNU tar program and the GNU gunzip (otherwise known as gzip).

This was proven again (if not many times before) by the transition from XFree86 to Xorg. XFree86 a front for the x consortium (old world player for everyone) and Xorg the young upstart to protect freedom. Xorg also devastated XFree86 very quickly by accepting contribution and engaging it’s community in ways XFree86 had always refused to the detriment of everyone in all our communities.

The net benefit from XFree86’s non-gpl-compatible license changes (without engaging their community) was a very large improvement to the community, new, better, more stable, more feature rich, more flexible, more free X11 package (Base GUI / Desktop System Service).

I have been watching the GNU Hurd for sometime, watching it’s activity. I’ve learned a lot about the Hurd; more than enough to also pine for the Hurd’s triumphal return to popularity in the wake of the current events in the free software community and all things kernel related.

A number of people point out how clear it is that Linus while he is using the GNU GPLv2, Linus appears to only truly support the freedoms of others, under gpl-incompatible notions more akin to BSD than Free Software and Copyleft.

Back to the Hurd, I have not spent enough time trying to get a copy running on my own machine for the most basic hobieing. I foolishly (like others tho …) keep looking for that one build/distro of the Hurd (to help me quickly install the system for testing …), that I can pop a iso text installer into a computer and install a FSF/RMS Approved/Sponsored copy of the GNU Hurd + System.I know if I was just a little more tenacious I could get build of the Hurd running on some spare hardware and start helping others fully enjoy all of their freedom. Still, I can’t wait for GNU Hurd licensed under the GNU GPL v3 for all my free software computers.

Seems like a good time to try again and try harder!

Resume15 Jul 2006 04:51 am

As I always say, a resume is a living document (or should be), which reflects a person in a meriad of ways. I’ve recenly refined my resume / personal pages surrounding for a spot of fun 😀

Coffee Notes01 Apr 2006 02:43 am

I admit, I could easily have over looked something simple (a given) but I don’t get why almost no one seems to have pointed out that ubuntu is different from Debian or other GNU/Linux distributions in that they name the package myodbc a bit differently?

I was following some of the reference material for connecting open office’s base2 to a mysql database and use the tools to build something with it, you know … for fun.

See … in Ubuntu GNU/Linux Instead of calling the package myodbc they call it libmyodbc, this was a bit confusing an took me awhile to figure out to properly configure odbc to work with my mysql database.

I love apt

# apt-get install libmyodbc mysql-client mysql-server unixodbc odbcinst1debian1 libmysqlclient12

I had wanted for some time to test the oobase2 functionality I had heard about in open office’s database frontend component which offers the ability to connect, open and work with a MySQL database inside open office via an odbc connection.

ODBC / MySQL Settings for Ubuntu

$ cat /etc/odbcinst.ini
Description = MySQL driver
Driver = /usr/lib/odbc/libmyodbc.so
Setup = /usr/lib/odbc/libodbcmyS.so
CPTimeout =
CPReuse =

$ cat /etc/odbc.ini
Description = Leads MySQL database leads
Driver = MySQL
Server = localhost
Database = leads
Port = 3306

# /etc/init.d/mysql start
# mysqladmin -u root create leads -p
# isql -v leads graham publish
# oobase2

The Reason

Now I had a real reason … not like they care. I need a lead / contact management system.

Specifically to document and track … Employment Opportunities, Employment Firms, Employment Contacts, Opportunity Status, Opportunity Details. I could also use a call log, notes, and a bunch of other little things.

This all started from a perspective of job seeker, new to the scene, trying to document the people, companies, contact, job details one really should track when looking for a job and talking with a lot of different people about a lot of different jobs. Hint: Headhunters get really really rude and upset if they find out you have already been applied for a position by another staffing firm! Lesson Learned …

Tracking it all by hand is just insane

I don’t really believe it is possible to track 100% all of the information involved all the time, or track it all and give a good interview over the phone at the same time. That said, with good tools you can make a sizeable dent at the problem, I’m not beat yet.

Though, if you are like me you could easily submit over 35 different entries online via email, website (via any other of the hundreds if not thousands of smaller job sites that require registration but do very little for a person after registration), or talk with over 25 different people over the phone in a single week and complete over 5 different in person first round interviews. They really expect you track all of this yourself, including the over 75% of them which you never hear from again and gain employment through all of it.

It gets worse

All of these sites, firms, companies, every one of them want a lot from the job seeker but rarely provide very much to the masses who frequent them. Case in point, where is the web service support from these companies to help a job seeker from duplicate submission or job status tracking through out the interview / employment process? Your little more a short term commodity to them or something …

These people should be offering tools to help the job seeker rather than treat them like rats in the maze. From wishlist, submission, followup, closed or hired … few really offer much more than resume spamming services and badly at that …

I actually had someone ask for my ssn over the phone in a cold call, I was horrified. It just served to remind me … it’s a cement jungle out there.

Demand more ..

I just want them to at least offer more for my information I am giving out, they make a lot of money off of us and our information.

They compete against each other but few are raising the bar of services offered.

All I want is all the about my information, my submission information + timestamps made available via authenticated ssl xml so I can suck it into my own web based tracking app / service.

What more harm can they do by giving us back the information we have access to already, in an actually useful format? They already spam the world with the details of our lives without real thought or planning.

The reality is this is the way it is and it’s hardly going to change any time soon, you can’t fake or make people care about the people who use your service like job seekers, if you view them as a sea of things to be used rather than empowered and teamed with …
I would not want to work for them :\

Looking for something like this …

Man must have had developed tens of thousands of them over the course of time. I did not see a single one which was targeted towards my needs or purpose, let alone licensed as free or open source software written with a web application or GNU/Linux kid in mind… grrr.

Updated: Proof that I am not alone and that the industry will (all be it slowly) move in this direction. Just look for the job sites providing rss feeds for jobs and more people to insist on open xml formats to encompase employee / job information.

OpenOffice.org 1.0, ODBC, and MySQL ‘How-to’
Connecting Openoffice.org’s Writer and MySQL on Debian GNU/Linux
OpenOffice Base And MySQL
Adding New User Accounts to MySQL

Offtopic&Work11 Mar 2006 03:59 am

Ever wonder just how you can use filters in SquirrelMail to filter out spam that is tagged by SpamAssassin?

Well I did, just now actually … see cause I found myself cleaning up my mail server configuration (semi-annual maintenance), see unlike most people I get tens of thousands of spam messages a month, on holidays hundreds of thousands a week. Fortunately with the power of software I read none of it and see almost none of it.

Well the good folks at nova.org have given the world this very simple and direct tutorial on just how to do it.

News&Personal14 Feb 2006 12:44 am

the computer chroniclesAs a child I would sneak out of bed to watch tv at all hours of the night / early morning. I was, am, and will always be fatally addicted to the medium of media in all it’s wondrous forms. Every now and again I am reminded of a technology / computer show which fueled my imagination and desire to learn all that I could about the world of computers and technology, from very young to teenager, this show is called the Computer Chronicles.

Back in 2003 I began thinking about how I would like to see a Computer Chronicles DVD Box Set. I spent some time researching the subject to find that a large amount of material was available in MPEG2 (DVD Ready) video files. The quality is really good for the video equipment the which the show was recorded and later digitized with.Stewart Cheifet

I actually contacted on of the creators and hosts of the show Stewart Cheifet via email and phone to discuss the idea. It was amazing to get such an opportunity to talk with one who was such an inspiration in my childhood.

The problem for me at that time was I did not have the bandwidth, disk storage, video editing software, dvd authoring software or dvd burning hardware resources to complete such a project, even as a homebrew dvd myself.

I gather that while there is an interest in a dvd box set of the Computer Chronicles world wide, the production team have not yet chosen how to approach the subject and tackle the rather large project. I learned this in 2003 and again touching base with Stewart again in early 2006.

Flash forward to 2006; Today I basically have or can fairly simply obtain all of the resources which I lacked 3 years ago to start the project. I wrote a bit about my ideas in a private forum (summary) and did a bit of documenting (txt) again on how to break the project down into manageable chunks.

This is where I now stand. Looking to do a small best of Computer Chronicles DVD (<7 episodes). I’m putting together the software I need (most trouble), and assembling the needed plans to edit, master and distribute the test among my friends.

References: There are so many mentions of the Computer Cronicles all kinds all over the interweb 😉 There are people in the shaddows of the web, private forums, im, and irc talking about how much they want to see Computer Chronicles on DVD in our lifetime.


Jem – 24

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