Today, As I sigh a breath of relief; I think about all that has happened in my life leading up to today.

Today has been a personal goal for a very long time and today I now that I have reached this goal and climb above this peak the view changes as looking up to this peak as my goal to the rapidly changing view of the next 4 peaks or goals just now coming into view.

I think about how proud I am that I have been able to continue to strive towards my goals and how fortunate I have been to have been to get here.

From the people who have supported and encouraged me, to the people who didn’t both spurring me forward towards my desires and goals.

Reminding me that I owe a rather large debt to far to many who have been in my life, whether for the good, the bad and the ugly, each is more than a bit of my past, they are a ever present memory that serves as a reminder in those lulls between the storms.

A strong thank you goes out to you, princes and princesses of my past.

Watching the film about F/OSS and just what F/OSS means, Revolution OS. It is well worth the $27 for the powerfull inspiration it gives you when you watch it. Even though I must have watched it, listened to it over 28 times, each time I enjoy it, it is like gnu all over again 😉

Today Brookins Consulting anounced their recently aquired eZ publish partnership, we now are listed in several places, best placement, here, here, and here, as well as here on

Smiling like a good little GNU.
Ever smirking through the roller coaster ride called life // graham