Alright already everyone, I get it. this just in, i realized no mater what I say … I don’t get it. ha!

So I was at a dallas cowboys game this thanksgiving with the family. short story: they lost.

While at the game several people in the family wanted to know if I still had some of my wishlists online. Last year I planned ahead and gave the family a set of urls to my wishlists on various sites (see sidebar links). This year I said, checkout my new blog (smugly) and gave the address. Who knows they might actually make it here 😀

I created a category called wishlists on the blog as a space for me to link directly to products, services and stuff in general that I would like people to buy me from systems which might not have a linkable wishlist systm or that I’m too lazy to create 😀 I might even setup a little paypal donation link for people to just give me money online for those who want to give me the freedom to choose my own gift.

get ready christmas i’m comming for ya 😉