I always loved the podcast before we had podcasts called “Geeks in Space”. I would listen to the last weeks episode over and over and over again untill the next episode was released.

All my bad podcast listener habits were formed before internet radio shows had rss 😀

So I created a node entry talking about “Geeks in Space“. I may just want to add a wikipedia.org entry as well at a later date, seems specific external references to “Geeks in Space” are lacking :\

Just in case I loose my node on techtainment.net here is my content.

Geeks in Space” was a nearly-weekly audio show hosted by RobCmdrTacoMalda, JeffHemosBates, Jon CowboyNeal Potter and NateMix MasterOostendorp of the popular news site Slashdot about “News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters”

A idea, a show, a crew ahead of their time. Geeks in Space provided the podcast content, humor, feel; only missing rss enclosures. Geeks in Space … 7/1999 – 7/2001.

Drawing from the stories and discussions on the Slashdot site, the dynamic hosts discuss Linux, open-source, and cool technology.

” or GIS as it was often coined, sadly and slowly disappeared with it’s last release titled “We’re Really Dancing!” seemingly off the scene towards in end of summer of 2001.

Though they are not the officially gone, after several years on indefinite hiatus until hey “figure out how the hell they’ll do it with the hosts on different coasts”, they are sorely missed today.

The audio was released via thesync.com with the original show archives and discussions with each release article / show notes in the radio section of Slashdot.

Several key locations make mention to the “Geeks in Space” folklore offering all kinds of background, references, history, mirrors, about this great show and it’s personalities.

“Geeks in Space”, a show which you may have not heard of before or not heard in a while. Well worth remembering and listening to even after all this time 🙂