I saw this come through my mail this morning.

A very interesting (to me, heh, only) prolly look at
eZ systems, eZ publish and the PHP community
and their sampleing, interaction and usage of each
other’s work.

I didn’t realize it at first but this is really intersting
as a (key) place where eZ systems (finaly) accepts
that their use of a obscure less publicly used doc
tool (doxygen) really must end and switch to using
one of the most popular documentation tools in
php community.

I remember having to learn that eZ systems
(now very old) phpdoc for eZ publish 2 was
similar (at least in part) to a very very old
version of phpDocumentor but (not reallly)
as a custom implimentation for documentation
and wishing that they would just use the same
tools as everyone else ….

i mean come on for pete’s sake.
heh, meh, a not that interesting rant about
eZ publish documentation tools over all these

my own morning coffee notes 🙂




From: Frederik Holljen
To: components@lists.ez.no
Subject: [Components] [Decision] PHPDocumentor
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 11:30:33 +0100


We just decided to go for PHPDocumentor to generate our documentation.
This was an extremely hard decision. However, these undeniable facts
made us go for PHPDocumentor:
– PHP edit tools have support for PHP syntax, doxygen syntax is not
– Doxygen lacks the support for @param TYPE description. Even though we
have a patch for this it is not certain that we can get this patch into
– We have some trouble with the output of doxygen which can only be
fixed through the usage of XSLT. This is hard maintain and to write.


Frederik Holljen
Head of development
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