Graham’s Generic (Birthday, Holiday, Christmas, Anytime, Wishlist) List

Zevro Indispensableâ„¢ Dispenser , (a cereal dispenser) specificaly like the ‘SLS 100 Single dispenser DESIGNER EDITION in brushed stainless steel’. Now Available from Amazon!


– Certification : Books (Project +, Server+, Cisco CCNA, MCSE)
– CompTIA Certification : Test Preperation Testing Tools ( uCertify or SelfTest )
– CompTIA Certification Vouchers (Linux+, Server+, Security+, Project+)

The Futurological Congress: From the Memoirs of Ijon Tichy (Paperback)
– See ThinkGeek | Amazon Wishlist for Books
– See Science Fiction, Technology Fiction …

php|architect – The combo edition of php|architect is both PDF Edition and Print Edition for 12 Issues $70.79 USD* – SAVE 30%! Buy Now.
PC Magazine (hint hint, only $1 an issue, so a 2 year subscription is cheep 🙂
Free Software Magazine | subscribe | $3 per episode | Updated: The magazine was made free (for reasons unknown) to me in the past 45 days, pure sweetness 😀
– Wired Magazine (I already have a 2 year subscription)

Graphic Novels (Comics)


Marvel – All things Spiderman, X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine
SpawnSpawn must choose between his life on Earth and his place on a throne in Hell.
DC – Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Legion, Flash, Infinite Crisis, Preacher
Dark Horse – Hellboy, Sin City



Note: We have reached an age where you can buy them all online and have each issue delivered to your door. I’ve decided to pickup reading again after watching a compelling episode of geekdrome. Very Soon, I’ll build an exaustive and exact list of the graphic novel subscriptions (comics) I would like.

See Amazon Wishlist for DVD/CD items.

DVD : Television Box Sets, Movie Box Sets
Home Movies : Season 2 DVD Box Set | Updated: Thanks Mom!
Dr. Katz DVDs | Updated: I bought these about 3 months ago 😀 The whole thing is awsome, thanks me :!


Shirts | Wanted …
I tend to enjoy loose fit clothes, especially t-shirts. That said I often end up buying Large to XLarge shirts depending on the shirt vendor, quality, shrink factor, etc.
Will work for bandwidth!
Mozilla Store 2.0 Shirt (Black/Grey)
More Mozilla/Firefox Shirts
Blogger ‘B’ Shirt (White)
Google ‘Basic’ Shirt (White)
Ultra Hacker / Indy Shirts – The 404 Shirt
diggNATION (black t-shirt)
The Pirate BayT-Shirts. These 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Feedparser–I support RFC 3023 (Yellow)

– Plain White T-Shirts
– 2 Wife Beater Shirts
– 7 Plain Black T-Shirts
– Geek, F/OSS, Hacker T-Shirts
– Adidas (Original Logo) Aparell
– Hoodies, See (missing link)
– Lids (Caps/Hats) see (missing link)
– Ancle Socks (missing links to prefered brands)

– Jinx – 42 Hat
– CompTIA – Certified Hat 🙂
– Black Hat
– Red Hat
– Yellow Hat

– Strong Box
– Plastic Strong ToolBox (Like the first, link)

– Replacement Memory for Silver Surfer Server (Reusable)
– Gift HDD Sets (2 – 3, AaronS, JE, Spare)
– Second Black Drive Array (8×300) (Office, File Server)
– Second Development Server
– Home Media Server / Game Server
– Replacement Media Server (Re: Tivo Problem)
Desktop KVM (Office #2) OmniViewâ„¢ SOHO Series KVM Switch with Audio, PS/2, USB and VGA (4-port) – Part Number F1DS104T | Updated: Thank you christmas 2006!
ServerKVM (Office #2)
– Power Cable Solutions (Star, Line, UPS)
– VCR Player / Editor (Older ProGrade?) (heh, switch back to betaMAX :D)
– DVD Server, Player, Display Screen (New)
Small DVD Player (Small, but not travel) | Removed: It was a dumb idea anyway.

– Buy MacOS Computers
— 2006/2007 Buy MacOS – Dual Processor (Intel)
— 2005/2006 MacOS Laptop (Intel)
— 2005/2006 MacOS Mini

– Noise canceling travel headphones
– Replacement Digital Camera for me and family (thinking of …)

– Risk (Computer, Classic , RISK Godstorm and 2210 A.D.)
Trivial Pursuit (Board Game, Volume 6) — I’d like the classic / normal edition please.
Monopoly – Either the Classic Edition or Deluxe Edition.
Sorry – Classic Edition

Gaia Frisbee Bag

– A car … (then see below)
– 2 – 4 | All Season Tires
– Window Tint
– Car wash tickets

– A highrise condo
– 1500 -> 2500 sq feet

Website Wishlists
In my travels I have begun to keep records of things which I would like to aquire. To date I have wishlists with the following websites. Updated: My personal favorite wishlist is now available as a rss feed which you can subscribe to! Wow, that sure is cool, I sure wish would offer wishlist rss feeds as well!
ThinkGeek (Now via RSS as Well)

I think that this year I’m really looking for small meaning full items that make sense from my expressed (above) interests. I’ll add links to these as I find them myself. Sugesstions welcome …