the computer chroniclesAs a child I would sneak out of bed to watch tv at all hours of the night / early morning. I was, am, and will always be fatally addicted to the medium of media in all it’s wondrous forms. Every now and again I am reminded of a technology / computer show which fueled my imagination and desire to learn all that I could about the world of computers and technology, from very young to teenager, this show is called the Computer Chronicles.

Back in 2003 I began thinking about how I would like to see a Computer Chronicles DVD Box Set. I spent some time researching the subject to find that a large amount of material was available in MPEG2 (DVD Ready) video files. The quality is really good for the video equipment the which the show was recorded and later digitized with.Stewart Cheifet

I actually contacted on of the creators and hosts of the show Stewart Cheifet via email and phone to discuss the idea. It was amazing to get such an opportunity to talk with one who was such an inspiration in my childhood.

The problem for me at that time was I did not have the bandwidth, disk storage, video editing software, dvd authoring software or dvd burning hardware resources to complete such a project, even as a homebrew dvd myself.

I gather that while there is an interest in a dvd box set of the Computer Chronicles world wide, the production team have not yet chosen how to approach the subject and tackle the rather large project. I learned this in 2003 and again touching base with Stewart again in early 2006.

Flash forward to 2006; Today I basically have or can fairly simply obtain all of the resources which I lacked 3 years ago to start the project. I wrote a bit about my ideas in a private forum (summary) and did a bit of documenting (txt) again on how to break the project down into manageable chunks.

This is where I now stand. Looking to do a small best of Computer Chronicles DVD (<7 episodes). I’m putting together the software I need (most trouble), and assembling the needed plans to edit, master and distribute the test among my friends.

References: There are so many mentions of the Computer Cronicles all kinds all over the interweb 😉 There are people in the shaddows of the web, private forums, im, and irc talking about how much they want to see Computer Chronicles on DVD in our lifetime.


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