I noticed today that the free software community members have spoken clearly over say the last 6 months, purely as an example of a much longer arc.Their answer to the world has been, we support GNU, the FSF, including the GPLv3.

For example taking an item from the news and events around the world, if the leaders, maintainers, developers, distributors, Linus do not consult the members of their own community (Linux,kernel.org) on the licensing, securing, protecting, engaging of the contributors ( http://gplv3.fsf.org/ has for GNU and Free Software) then what will become of developers who value and protect their freedom? I suspect they will look for other existing efforts to achieve their goals without forsaking their freedom.

I know the GNU System is no one operating system, server, application, software package, component, kernel, ad nauseam. All pieces are replaceable, interchangeable and reusable, but not always redistributable ;D

We learned this from the story of the GNU tar program and the GNU gunzip (otherwise known as gzip).

This was proven again (if not many times before) by the transition from XFree86 to Xorg. XFree86 a front for the x consortium (old world player for everyone) and Xorg the young upstart to protect freedom. Xorg also devastated XFree86 very quickly by accepting contribution and engaging it’s community in ways XFree86 had always refused to the detriment of everyone in all our communities.

The net benefit from XFree86’s non-gpl-compatible license changes (without engaging their community) was a very large improvement to the community, new, better, more stable, more feature rich, more flexible, more free X11 package (Base GUI / Desktop System Service).

I have been watching the GNU Hurd for sometime, watching it’s activity. I’ve learned a lot about the Hurd; more than enough to also pine for the Hurd’s triumphal return to popularity in the wake of the current events in the free software community and all things kernel related.

A number of people point out how clear it is that Linus while he is using the GNU GPLv2, Linus appears to only truly support the freedoms of others, under gpl-incompatible notions more akin to BSD than Free Software and Copyleft.

Back to the Hurd, I have not spent enough time trying to get a copy running on my own machine for the most basic hobieing. I foolishly (like others tho …) keep looking for that one build/distro of the Hurd (to help me quickly install the system for testing …), that I can pop a iso text installer into a computer and install a FSF/RMS Approved/Sponsored copy of the GNU Hurd + System.I know if I was just a little more tenacious I could get build of the Hurd running on some spare hardware and start helping others fully enjoy all of their freedom. Still, I can’t wait for GNU Hurd licensed under the GNU GPL v3 for all my free software computers.

Seems like a good time to try again and try harder!